CrosstrailColourWeightRim SizePrice
CrosstrailColourWeightRim SizePrice
[easyazon_image add_to_cart="default" align="left" asin="B00801Z4B6" cloaking="default" height="160" localization="default" locale="US" nofollow="default" new_window="default" src="" tag="crosstrail-20" width="160"] Mavic 2012 Crosstrail 011 Mountain Bicycle Front Disc WheelBlack/Yellow/Sliver6.4 pounds26Inch$183.27
[easyazon_image add_to_cart="default" align="left" asin="B006IC9T10" cloaking="default" height="101" localization="default" locale="US" nofollow="default" new_window="default" src="" tag="crosstrail-20" width="160"] VUELTA ZEROLITE MTB PRO 26" Wheelset Black Alloy Mountain Bike WheelsRed/Black/Sliver31 pounds26inch$120.00
[easyazon_image add_to_cart="default" align="left" asin="B00AJ7CPES" cloaking="default" height="160" localization="default" locale="US" nofollow="default" new_window="default" src="" tag="crosstrail-20" width="160"] Mavic Crosstrail 26in WheelsetOne Color6.4 pounds26in$599.00
[easyazon_image add_to_cart="default" align="left" asin="B00A3G17EY" cloaking="default" height="160" localization="default" locale="US" nofollow="default" new_window="default" src="" tag="crosstrail-20" width="160"] Mavic Crossride 27.5 WheelsetBlack5 pounds 27. 5in$199.90
[easyazon_image add_to_cart="default" align="left" asin="B006FCH01Y" cloaking="default" height="109" localization="default" locale="US" nofollow="default" new_window="default" src="" tag="crosstrail-20" width="160"] Wheel Master Mavic Open Pro Wheel Set2.0 stainless steel spokes, black8 pounds32 $337.49

Mavic Crosstrail 26in Wheelset

When it comes to bicycle wheels, Mavic has proven itself as a symbol of excellence and reliability. The 26 inches Crosstrail is a real blockbuster in terms of durability and design which is why I didn’t hesitate for a second and bought it right away. Made of “maxtal”-an aluminum alloy, the wheel set seems like a feather but its strength is no less than a steel armor.

Also, its stainless spokes are specifically customized to reduce weight and are attached to a six bolt rotor which plays a major role in perfecting its center of gravity. The FTS-X freehub of the wheel set allowed me to enjoy mountain bike riding on different tracks in an intensive way and the experience was totally worth it. Mavic Crosstrail 26in is available in both SRAM and Shimano sizes but as being an MTB rider, I preferred SRAM because it is lighter and more suited for MTB riding purposes.

It also received some additional UST valves, accessories and a spoke wrench which is a great benefit. These things are of great help when your bike is in need of an immediate repair. Overall, it is a great product of Mavic and $599 seems suitable for its hard-wearing nature and chic looks.

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The Great Wheel Master Mavic Open Pro Wheel Set

If somebody is a true MTB rider and is looking for something exceptional to replace his wheel set with, then Wheel Master Mavic Open Pro will surely be the right fit. The black colored rims of this spectacular wheel set are Mavic open pro with 32 holes and 700c. The rims have double layered walls made up of aluminum and a machined sidewall built to provide sheer strength. The hub of this masterpiece is a Shimano Ultegra 6700 which means nothing but immense durability and great quality. So if you are a “healthy” rider then this set is made particularly for you. It is capable of handling riders weighing more than 220 lbs. and still ensuring a smooth ride at 10-speed. The 14 gauge stainless steel spokes are arranged in a 3 cross pattern that is meant to bear great stress especially during rough climbs or descents. The diameter of a spoke is 2mm and is composed of stainless steel which adds strength and also keeps it lighter.The UB control system of the brakes in Wheel Master Mavic Open Pro Set is a classic feature which indicates that the braking surface is CNC machined and this feature reduces braking friction. With reduced friction, you will not feel any shuddering when brakes are applied. Thus, this wheel set is a splendid piece of machinery available at only $337.49 which isn’t much compared to its remarkable features.

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Mavic Crossride 27.5 Wheelset- A “must buy” Product

When your bicycle’s wheel set has suffered too much wear and tear and you tend to replace it, try Mavic’s 27.5 inches Crossride. I am sure you will find it as the most suitable wheel set for your bike. The sole reason is its distinctive features and an appropriate price range of $199.90-$325. The main body i.e. the rims and the hubs are made up of aluminum which brings nothing but great strength to the wheel set and at the same time, it makes it lighter. The spokes, however, are of special kind. Made up of steel, they are inaugurated using a unique mechanism called “Mavic’s Self Lock System”. The spokes are designed in way which allows them to stick permanently to the brass nipples. The advantage of this system is that no matter how roughly you ride or how bumpy the track is, your bike will never stumble. Another awesome feature of this product is QRM TS-2- the rear hub of the set. The cartridge bearings of this hub are wrapped with C3 internal clearance and attached with it is a micro-adjustability system which adjusts the set to seek maximum rolling efficiency. The sole aim of this versatile system is to let you gain MTB riding experience under different weather and track conditions. Last but not the least, the disc brakes of this tremendous set are totally compatible with the rims and spokes and are meant to increase its life as well as to make it look cool.

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Suitably priced and awesome featured Mavic 2012 Crosstrail 011 

Looking for a suitable wheel set but worried about getting one because of your low budget? If yes, then go for Mavic Crosstrail MTB Front Disc Wheel. The price is just $183.27 and no one can doubt its features because it is fully capable of competing with other high-end wheels in the market. The 26 inches rims-a major component of the wheel set are aluminum made, deep and have a hollow chamber system. This improves the efficiency of the set and it lets you feel more comfortable because there is no chance of tripping or disruption during a ride. As far rim strength is concerned, Mavic favors maxtal over any other alloy or metal because maxtal means rigidity.Mavic Crosstrail front disc is best suited for climbing purposes due to the usage of Low inertia Inter Spook Milling. LISM gives a new sensation to a rider going for climbing because it gives a power boost to the bike by reducing its inertia. You can climb faster and accelerate your bike’s speed easily. The wheel set weighs 6.4 pounds which appears to be a bit heavy but it’s nothing compared to the stability it adds to the bicycle while riding.  The aluminum hubs of this awesome wheel set are robust and the steel spokes are great. The design and structure of these components are built for one purpose only and that is to unleash the crazy MTB rider in you who can enjoy his ride to an utmost extent.

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Cycling is very enjoyable and healthy activities which love to try out, but to have the best cycling experience you need a fantastic bike. The Specialized Crosstrail Disc is the perfect bike for you as it delivers a smooth ride as well as very comfortable accommodation for your body to receive the best workout without straining your muscles. The fantastic crosstrail disc is designed through the state of the art technology and ingenuity at the well-known company called Specialized. The company has been a leading brand in delivering bikes of top quality as well as high performance that are guaranteed to provide the perfect cycling experience for you.

Did you know that there are certain shoes designed specifically for biking? Sure, you can a bike in just about any type of shoe, but there are benefits to wearing shoes designed especially for this purpose.

Many cyclists install special pedal systems on their bikes that allow the rider to bicycle more efficiently. These pedals are called “clipless” pedals. These pedal systems require a specific type of cycling shoe. For a new rider, these clipless systems can seem a little intimidating, but once you understand the basic components of the system, you’ll be an expert in no time.

This article outlines the basic mechanics of the clipless systems and the different types of cycling shoes for all types of bicycle riding.


Is Cycling Footwear Necessary?

Traditional flat or “platform” pedals limit the rider’s ability to keep their foot steadfastly attached to the pedal during the entirety of the stroke cycle. Clipless pedals and the accompanying shoes allow the cyclist to keep their foot secured to the pedal at all times, so that the stroke cycle is more efficient and less fatiguing on the body. These shoes have more rigid soles than typical sports shoes. The rigidity allows better energy transfer and are more comfortable on the feet whilst riding, as they prevent cramping and fatigue.

Cycling Footwear Differences

If clipless pedaling sounds like something you are interested in trying, don’t be daunted by the vast array of options available at your local bike shop. If you know what type of riding you like to do, you are one step closer to finding the perfect shoe and pedal combination. The main differences are summarized in the following table for quick reference:

  Road Cycling Mountain Biking, Touring, Casual Use
Outsole Type Smooth Lugged
Outsole Rigidity Very Rigid Rigid
Cleat Type Protrudes from sole Recesses into sole
Pedal Type 3-hole (SPD-SL style or Look) 2-hole (SPD style)


Casual Riding Footwear

If you typically find yourself riding about 5 miles or less on any given day, you might not need specific cycling shoes. If walking comfort is also important on the days you are riding, your best bet may be to stay away from cycling shoes and instead choose a cross-training shoe. Hiking shoes may also be appropriate for this use if you find them comfortable. Both of these types of shoes work well with the platform (flat) pedal that comes standard with most bikes. If you want, you can install toe cages or straps on these pedals for better efficiency throughout the stroke cycle.

Commuter/Tour Cycling Shoes

Additionally, you may be interested in a new type of “hybrid” shoe that works for cycling and casual-wear purposes. They look like regular shoes or sandals and are comfortable to walk in, but their soles are made to fit with the clipless pedal systems. They are a good choice for bicycle commuters and casual riders alike.









Mountain Biking Footwear

Mountain biking shoes are made to both work with clipless pedaling systems, and to perform well whilst walking on rough trails when needed. The somewhat higher level of flexibility (as compared to road biking shoes) allows for improved traction. The lacing system allows the wearer to adjust the shoe for a perfect fit.

The more expensive models may have features that improve the comfort and practicality of the shoe, such as lighter weights, improved foot and ankle protection, waterproof liners, and more intricate lacing systems to further increase foot security and comfort. For those interested in the roughest terrains, removable spikes can be used on some models for unbeatable traction while you are off your bike.








Road Biking Footwear

These are the most rigid type of bicycling shoes available. Though these are great for biking, don’t try to walk around for long periods of time in them! They are inflexible and therefore very uncomfortable off the bike.

Road biking shoes are all made from the lightest-weight materials. The more money you are willing to spend on a pair of road biking shoes, you will find they become increasingly lightweight. More expensive materials, such as carbon fiber, make the shoes more stiff and lightweight.

Road biking pedal and clip systems vary from model to model. Most models you see use a 2- or 3-hole cleat system. When shopping for shoes, you’ll want to make sure you have the compatible pedal to go along with your new biking footwear.

On another note, you may be interested in shoes worn for triathlons. This footwear can get very specific, depending on your needs. Tri-shoes are made to help the rider enter and exit the road bike as quickly as possible during race transitions.


Stationary Bike Footwear

Do you take spin classes at your local gym? If so, you may be curious about what type of shoe is best for this type of cycling. Typically, you can wear mountain biking shoes, or just the regular cross trainers you would normally wear for exercising. However, there are also shoes made specifically for stationary bikes. Check your local fitness supply store for more details about the shoe that best fits the equipment you are using.


Shoe Features and Quest Jersey

Shoes that are compatible with clipless pedal systems have unique hole patterns on the various models. As mentioned previously, you’ll want to make sure that you are buying compatible shoes and pedals. Some designs accept 2- or 3-hole patterns, while some others have a 4-hole design. Each of the systems have pros and cons to consider before buying.


2-Hole System

The 2-hole system, or Shimano Pedaling Dynamics (SPD), was the first clipless system created and remains the standard to this day. The cleats are small, which allows a secure connection while also allowing you to walk on solid ground in a more comfortable manner (as opposed to a 3-hole system). The 2-hole system can be used on both road and mountain bike shoes.


3-Hole System

This system offers the best in stiffness, energy transfer, and stability while cycling. The unfortunate side to this design is that it is more difficult to walk in these shoes as compared to the 2-hole system.




These are not the kind of shoes you want to buy anticipating that they will “break-in” and become more comfortable as you wear them. When shopping for bike shoes, make sure that they feel good when you first try them on. Know that these shoes are stiff, and they aren’t going to change much. Your toes should have a decent amount of room to wiggle, your arch should feel secure and supported, and your heel should not be able to slip around in the back of the shoe easily. Of course, the rigidity of the shoe is going to feel much different on your foot than your traditional athletic footwear. Your foot will slip and slide around slightly. But, if you feel like your heel is slipping too much, you should try a smaller size or a different brand until you find the most secure fit. Additionally, depending on the brand and region of purchase, the shoe may come in European or American sizing. Ask for a conversion chart if you are unsure of your size in a foreign system.

Straps vs. Laces

The closure of the shoe, much like the hole system, can be different depending on the model of the shoe. The different type of closures, likewise, have pros and cons that should be considered.

Laces allow the user to tighten and loosen the shoe for a custom fit. Of course, the laces can become soiled if exposed to adverse weather conditions while riding. If not tucked away whilst riding, the laces can also become entangled in the chain.

Straps come in two different forms. Hook-and-loop straps can come in the form of Velcro, giving the user an option that doesn’t stretch and soil like laces would. The more straps the shoe has, the better fit you will get, but fit can be compromised with straps as opposed to lace systems. Another type of strap are notched straps. These are straps that clamp and buckle. These offer the rider advances stability and foot security without the hassle of laces.


Riding in Inclement Weather

Shoe covers can be used to insulate your feet and provide water resistance, keeping you and your shoes dry and warm. Oftentimes, they are made of neoprene-like material and have holes in the soles so that the cleats can still function properly. If you just need something to keep your feet warm on a freezing day, toe covers provide a more streamlined option than the full covers.








Putting It All Together

Because cleats are installed in the bottom of the footwear, they must match the pedals properly so that the rider can engage and disengage in a safe and efficient way. If you want to create a full clipless system for your riding purposes, start with the shoes that fit the type of cleat system you need. The cleats and pedals are sold together to ensure a match.

It is also possible to purchase replacement cleats as needed. It would be worth your time to have a professional install the cleats onto the shoe after you purchase them. If the cleats are not positioned accurately, it can cause problems when releasing your foot from the pedal.

Bottom line-Shoes, cleats, and pedals must be intended to function together. Purchase accordingly!


Maintaining Your New Footwear

After investing in a pair of cycling shoes, you’ll want to make sure you take excellent care of them so that they last as long as possible. Keep them tidy by cleaning them with a damp towel when they get grubby. If the dirt is being difficult, you can use a cleaning brush with a small amount of cleaning solution or soap combined with water. After cleaning, sit them somewhere to dry undisturbed. You should also remove the footbed when drying to avoid any mildew growth within the shoe.

The best way to remove moisture from the shoes is by using a shoe dryer. If you don’t have a shoe dryer, you can stuff the shoe with newspaper for drying. The newspaper absorbs the water thus drawing moisture out of the shoe. If the shoes are really saturated, you can switch out the newspaper after a couple of hours to expedite drying time.



Q: I’m worried about the expense. How often do cleats have to be replaced?

A: When the cleat ceases to engage with the pedal properly, it is time for new cleats. If the cleat breaks or cracks, it will also need replacing. Avid riders usually end up replacing their cleats once a year, while more casual riders can make it at least 5 years without replacing them. Take good care of them and they will last longer.

Q: I need to replace my cleats and I’m not sure which ones are compatible now. How do I find the right ones?

A: Cleats match the pedals. Know which pedal you have, or take it while you go shopping to be sure. A sales rep in a bike store will have no problem finding the cleat you need if they know what type of pedal you have.

Q: Should I buy the shoes or pedals first?

A: Honestly, it doesn’t matter. Most people purchase the shoes first, but there are so many options these days, you can choose as you please. Pedals should be chosen based on the type of bike and the kind of riding you do. Shoes should be chosen based on comfort, features, and price. Both cleats and pedals should be purchased with the other in mind, so that compatibility is ensured.